At a glance

I love my jobs.  By day, I work with vast amounts of data that I leverage to help library staff members make decisions about the library and where it is headed.  I need to know almost every aspect of our integrated library system so I can help teach and troubleshoot the software.  By night, I work with and teach students about the library. Each time I interact with a student or community member is an opportunity to teach about the library and its services but also to extend the love of libraries that I have myself.  Both jobs allow me to use my excellent customer service skills to make each person as happy with their experience as possible.

Current Employment

  • C/W MARS, Inc (3 years)
    • Circulation Services Associate I & II (promoted)
    • Systems Librarian (current position)
  • Holyoke Community College (2 years)
    • Part-Time Reference Librarian


  • Simmons College – Boston, Massachusetts – Library Science – January 2012
  • Utah State University – Logan, Utah – History & Classics – May 2007

Selected Skills

  • Linux/Databases/SQL
  • Report creation and analysis
  • Teaching

Conference Presentations:

  • Customizing Receipt Templates
  • Workstation Disaster Recovery
  • Introduction to Acquisitions
  • Managing the Acquisitions Workflow
  • Amazon and Acquisitions
  • Evergreen MARC Stream Importer (pending April 2016)
  • Searching OPAC Catalog Searches (pending April 2016)